Jun 14

Best Butt Workout – 4 Secrets For The Perfect Posterior

When you look in the mirror, do you see a butt that is too big? Maybe too small? Perhaps a drooping butt? How are you going to lift that sagging butt? You’ve got to know how to find the best butt workout on the market today.

No matter what, you’re going to have to exercise the full complement of muscles in your posterior.

Secret Number 1: Knowing what you are dealing with…

The best butt workout you can do counts on the fact that you know your gluteus maximus from your gluteus minimus from your gluteus medius. Three major muscles. These are known as your “glutes”.

Secret Number 2: Working the easy ones won’t work…

The best butt workout will work more than just your “glutes”. It’ll work the complementary muscles as well. Let’s consider an example or two. Let’s say you want to develop your arms, if you want to build good triceps, you will have to train the biceps as well. For your legs, you have to work the hamstrings so they can keep up with your quadriceps. Your glutes behave the same way.

Secret Number 3: You’ve got to work them all together…

In the past, you may have felt satisfied by feeling the “burn” that comes from having done done a certain number of squats. You may even have decided that that “burn” you felt meant that you had done enough. Sadly, this is not the case! You have to work all the glutes, in order, and you have to push them farther than what you’ve done in the past. (Consider this: if you had been working them correctly thus far, you’d already have the perfect butt, right?)

Secret Number 4: You’re not the same as everyone else…

Your butt is not a clone of the butt on the woman standing next to you. So, do you think that the same number of reps will give her 45-inch hips the same benefit that they’ll give to your 38-inch hips? You are not her and she is not you. It may well be the case that you can to do more reps and more sets. If that’s so, do them!

If you cannot (yet) do more reps, please don’t kill yourself trying. Keeping up with the woman next to you (who may be a marathoner, for all you know) is not important. Don’t do what you can’t do. The best butt workout for you is going to be the butt workout that you do, as opposed to the one you don’t.

To have the best butt, workout every day. Even so, exercise is only part of the overall answer. We’ll talk about other pieces in future articles.


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