May 27

Cancel Your Gym Membership Workout At Home

If you spend your time working out at the gym, not only will you be waiting all that time, you will be wasting your money as well. You can spend more time working out simply at home. People think that if they work out at home they will have to buy all that exercise equipment and it will be expensive. But that isnt the case always. Working out at home can be cheap, easy and very efficient as well.

First you need to make a schedule for the workout which you will follow. Check out your planned and see when you are free and accordingly fix up the time for working out. You dont have to spend hours after working out. You simply need around 30 minutes everyday. Also you need to work out thrice a week and you will be done. But then you will have to stick to the schedule which you are planning.

Then comes the equipment. You dont have to spend your money buying it. All you need are a few couches and dumbbells and you have a home made gym! You will be able to find equipment all over your own house. Now before you start working out, you need to keep in mind that you have to start by stretching. Just the basic arm and toe stretches will help you. Then once you finish the workout, you will have to stretch again. this step is very important and will help you prevent any sort of serious injuries so you need to stretch.

Then you can start with push ups which are quite effective. 15 push ups are a good thing to do. You should always start your workout with push ups. Then you move over to the couch which was mentioned earlier in the article. The next thing you need to do are bench dips. Your feet need to be on the ground and your hands on the seat of the couch. Your butt will slightly hand over the edge. Then you need to lower down and then back up again. this is kind of like the pushups where you are going to need 15 sets.

Finally you have to do the sit ups. And like before you need to do 15 sit ups again. then you need to repeat the entire process again three times. It will take you 20 minutes to do this workout. Plus you will have to do this thrice a week and you wont even need fitness equipment, its like you have a home gym and you dont have to waste your time going to an actual gym or your money on it either.


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