May 13

Cardio Cruiser Plus A Great Workout

A Body By Jake Workout

At my age, I look for exercises and workouts that expend the maximum amount of calories while giving me a great cardio workout. Also important is that the exercises have to be easy on the joints and give me the most calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser Plus looks to satisfy all of these requirements easily. There’s:

1. minimum impact to your joints and your body

2. as well as maximum calorie burning

3. best use overall result for the time spent

Cardio Cruiser and Burning Calories

I like the lack of soreness I feel after getting a good workout with the Cardo Cruiser. It’s designed like the expensive elliptical exercise machines you find at the gym, but it’s not nearly as expensive and takes up much less of your floor space. The Cardio Cruiser Plus machine is designed to cushion your joints against repeated jolts or trauma as they would receive while running, even on a treadmill.

Exercising from the recumbent position has a lot to do with protecting your body from injury while getting a great workout. The machine is thoughtfully designed and constructed so that all movements are smoothly uniform which also helps to minimize harmful impacts. To make the time go faster, put the Cardio Cruiser in front of the TV set while you’re working out. Time really flies when you’ve got the TV to distract you.

Three-in-One Exerciser

The Cardio Crusier Plus come from the Body By Jake exercise people, so you know it’s made by a reputable company. Probably the best thing about this piece of equipment is that with just one exercise you are working out 95% of your body. The reason the Cardio Cruiser can do this is that the design incorporates the principles of three exercise machines into one dynamic unit.

All of the exercises for both upper and lower body are done in the recumbent position. The relaxed, reclined body position lends itself to a more relaxed, stress free workout without becoming sore from the stress of sitting.

Working you your upper body is another natural movement done by grasping the handle bars. This upper body movement gives you the same upper body workout as an elliptical exercise machine. These handle bars allow you to give your upper torso a great workout at the same time as you’re exercising your lower body.

Exercising the lower body is stress free, as the machine is designed much like a stair stepper. Incorporating the stair stepper design allows you not only to burn calories and tone your lower body, but give you a great cardio workout as well.

This is a reasonably priced home exercise machine, and one of the best As Seen On TV exercise machines I’ve seen. It’s well built, sturdy and easily movable and stored. Something to consider if the cost and time spent in travel to and from the gym is a motivating factor in you exercise life.


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