Jul 31

Develop Explosive Muscular Endurance & Get Ripped With The Bodyweight Workout 350 Challenge!

Hi everyone!

Powerful and explosive bodyweight circuit training workouts are the key to getting ripped lean and cut. They are workouts that not only get you that athletic look but also build a lot of functionality in your muscles so the next time you play sports, you perform a lot better. The reason for this is that bodyweight training are strength and muscle building total body workouts that dramatically increase your muscular endurance (you will notice this as you will be huffing and puffing and sweating profusely half way through this workout!). This combination of strength training, muscle building and expanded muscular endurance training is the ultimate combination to looking and feeling your best and helping your body get more energy.

In the Bodyweight 350 workout, we are going to increase by 100 reps. The goal for this total body workout will be to complete the bodyweight training in under 20 minutes. Work and go through each exercise taking as few breaks as possible.

Bodyweight 350 Workout Program

Bodyweight Exercise 1 – Prison Squats

45 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 2 – Push Ups

40 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 3 – Straight Jumps

20 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 4 – Physioball Leg Curls

20 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 5 – Physioball Jackknives

20 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 6 – Step Ups

40 Reps (20 per leg)

Bodyweight Exercise 7 – Pull Ups

10 Reps

Bodyweight Exercise 8 – Lunges

40 Lunges (20 per leg)

Exercise 9 – Close Grip Push Ups

40 Reps

Exercise 10 – Upright Body Rows

20 Reps

Exercise 11 – Body Squats

40 Reps

Exercise 12 – Chin Ups

15 Reps

Finishing this total body workout in under 20 minutes will allow you to move on to the Bodyweight 500 Workout Program. Keep pushing yourself on completing this workout in under 20 minutes if you were having trouble attaining it the first time. The key to success in bodyweight training is to continue to improve and this requires you to push through and try again in times when you do not succeed. Remember, the reward is sometimes not what comes at the end but the journey throughout!


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