Jun 16

Michael Phelps Daily Workout

Almost everyone in the world knows who Michaels Phelps is. After watching or even just hearing about his magnificent performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, who wouldnt know him? Winning eight gold medals and breaking seven world records in swimming has made him one of the most celebrated athletes in the world. However, how did he come about having the strength and the power to perform such an incredible feat not only once but more times than anyone else in the world? Not just by dreaming about it thats for sure. Michael Phelps had to work really hard and train for years before he achieved anything.

What makes up Michael Phelpss daily training routine? Usually for a typical athlete, the first step is through a very strict and calorie counted diet. However, Michael Phelps is not doing that. In fact, his coach has been quoted as saying that he lets Michael eat anything he wants. That is why Michael has been reported to load up on massive quantities of carbohydrates and protein, not to mention fatty food.

So how come despite this surprising fact, Michael Phelps still maintains an excellent physique? It is all because of an excellent workout regimen that his coach and trainer revised for him years ago. Although they started out with a trainer whose routine was not working out well at all, Michaels coach immediately realized his mistake and hired another who was able to come up with a very effective and swimmer friendly regimen fit for a champion.

This regimen, which Michael does for six hours a day, six days a week starts with a normal stretching schedule, followed by one hour thrice weekly strength training. His training is centered on his muscle endurance, flexibility and enhancing his buoyancy in the water. It includes such exercises as the diagonal wood chopper and the straight wood chopper, which helped in building up strength and power in Michaels stokes.

Michael also does hours of swim training to achieve precise technique and timing. His swim training is equivalent to approximately eight miles of swimming. After that comes his cardiovascular routine. Since his trainer and coach fear that regular calisthenics, such as running and jogging is hazardous to his knees and other joints, what Michael does instead is he hops on a stationary bike and pedals for a while.

Michael Phelpss unusual athletic diet and exercise regimen might prove to be too much for an ordinary man or even an ordinary athlete but it seems to work like magic on Michael Phelps. He is nothing but extraordinary and he has proven that in the last year. With his determination and drive, there is no doubt that this is not the end of Michael Phelpss swimming prowess.


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