Sep 01

Natural Health Remedies And Cures

Most of us are familiar with the saying: Prevention is better than cure. However, how many of us truly live by it, especially when it comes to our personal health. Remember those wise words: You are what you eat. These are tried and tested truths of life. If we were to truly live by them we would have less trouble with health, fewer illnesses, less medical bills and less obesity contributing to a better society in diverse ways.

Good health comes down to our eating habits. This is reiterated in the countless books written on healthy diets and Natural Health Remedies. It is commonly believed that eating healthy is boring, undesirable and costly. According to my personal experience and the many great books written about healthy diets (like Foods that Harm Foods that Heal by Readers Digest) it is all just a myth. You can enjoy a healthy meal just as much as junk food at a reasonable affordable cost.

My health conscious father usually says: too much of anything is no good. Most of us are guilty of over indulgence. We are creatures of habit and are responsible for the habits we allow ourselves to adapt to. It may seem strange, maybe even boring eating differently from the usual junk we indulge in. However, after a while the habit catches on and you find you don’t even crave junk anymore. My family has kept a healthy diet for as long as I can remember and to say the least, we live without medical aid, we hardly get sick and when any member of the family does get sick the local clinic is enough to deal with it. Not to say we don’t eat any junk food now and then, we do, but we just don’t over indulge in it.

Most of us hardly know much, if anything, about what a balanced diet looks like. Hence we have been provided aid by good natural health remedy books. Natural healthy foods are not only good for healthy balanced diets that keep illness away, but also for Natural Cures for a host of common ailments. Diabetes, cancer, heart health, high cholesterol, high/low blood pressure, sleep disorders, weight loss, heartburn, stress, depression, etc. can also be treated through Natural Health Remedies.


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