May 12

Natural Skin Care Products Can Be So Much Better Than Department Store Stuff

I started taking care of my skin a lot better after I got diabetes. I noticed that my skin would dry out and crack open at my fingers and on my heels. I started with just using regular retail lotions, and then I progressed to where I was using natural skin care products for the best effect for my skin. You do have to look at the ingredients as well as where those ingredients are sourced. Plus, it is a good idea to ask about manufacturing processes. I found that the regular retail department store lotions and soaps did not do much to help my skin. Some of the stuff actually burned when I used it. My skin would get red and itchy with some products, and it can get expensive trying out new stuff all the time.

That is one of the main reasons why I switched to natural skin care products. I figured they would give me better odds of avoiding the things in soaps and lotions that were irritating my skin all the time. I found a line of products to choose from that include ingredients such as carrots, kelp, Australian clay and more. I just picked a couple of products that are made of things to soothe and calm sensitive skin like mine. I also needed a good product to help me retain natural moisture and attract moisture without using any harsh chemicals.

Now my skin looks and feels great. It is very important to take care of your skin no matter what, but it is even more important if you have a chronic condition such as diabetes. Now I no longer have cracked skin at my fingers or on my heels. Keeping your skin intact helps keep infections out, and that is very important when you have diabetes.