Apr 28

One on One Workout DVD

US$39.07 One on one on www.buydvdhere.com One on One Workout DVD gives you personal training workout; Tony Horton pushes you to reach ever-higher levels of fitness.

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US$39.07 One on One Workout DVD It will be a not bad choice for you to enjoy them by yourself, present them to your friends, sell them out or dropship(dropshipping) them to your clients.

One on One brings you up close and personal with Tony Horton as he pushes you to reach ever-higher levels of fitness. You get raw, unfiltered footage right from the source, with no edits, no retakes, and no audience to distract you-it’s just you and Tony doing all-new, high-intensity workouts.

These are the exclusive routines Tony develops every month to drive his own results to greater peaks. And no one gets to do them before you do

Buy One on One with Tony Horton Volume 1 Box Set, which includes all 12 DVDs listed below plus an exclusive FREE workout-only available in this box set.

These One on One workouts take place in Tony Horton’s home gym (which is awesome by the way!) with the first volume containing the following workouts:

Volume 1, Disc 1: Plyo Legs Volume 1, Disc 2: Power 90 Road Warrior Volume 1, Disc 3: Killer Abs Volume 1, Disc 4: Just Arms Volume 1, Disc 5: Thirty Fifteen Routine Volume 1, Disc 6: Fountain of Youth Yoga Volume 1, Disc 7: Cardio 5-6 Plus Volume 1, Disc 8: Mammoth UML Volume 1, Disc 9: Bun Shaper Volume 1, Disc 10: Medicine Ball Core Cardio Volume 1, Disc 11: Recovery 4 Results Volume 1, Disc 12: Diamond Delts Volume 1, Disc 13: Holiday Horton

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