May 20

Rising Damp Hazardous for Health

Living in today’s modern world, damp solutions are an essential clean living process and in many cases building or home owners may be living within a very unhealthy environment.

Flaking plaster, spongy soft feel to the wall, white powder or crystals appearing on the wall, lifting and stained wallpaper, tarnished walls, skirting and floor board rotting, these are all signs of rising damp and if your property is suffering from any of these symptoms, then it is likely that you have a rising damp issue.

Rising damp is not only harmful to the fabric of the building, but it is also harmful to the occupants of the property as damp spores can be inhaled and cause serious health problems. Rising damp usually occurs when unprotected porous materials (e. g brick and stone) come into contact with damp earth. There are many symptoms associated with damp:

* Rising damp is unsightly and causes damage to decoration, demonstrating itself often as wavy lines along walls, topping out at corners.

* Damp often leads to timber decay, particularly in older properties with unprotected timbers.

* Damage is caused to plaster rendering as a result of hygroscopic salt contamination.

* The moisture present often increases the conductivity of the walls, resulting in increasing heat loss from the property.

* The health of those around you can be put at risk due to the increase in fungal and mould growth spores.

* Rising damp can affect all unprotected walls whether internal or external.

To treat rising damp, you need to consult with a professional person as fully trained and experienced surveyors will correctly diagnose the nature of the problem and recommend the most effective damp proofing treatment for your particular problem and property. You will also

May 20

Best Tricep Superset Workout Geared To Get You More Strength Muscle & Definition!

Hi everyone!

The best tricep supersets are those that hit the muscle from all angles. This workout will use fundamental tricep exercises (ex. overhead lying tricep extensions, cable tricep pulldowns, tricep kick backs etc.) and superset them doing a two combo exercise with a 70 second rest between sets.

This tricep superset technique is a muscle building workout that also has the added value of significantly improving strength, muscular endurance and definition. When doing each superset, focus on using your triceps and squeezing at the top of each rep. The trouble with triceps sometimes is that you can use leverage, momentum or use too many secondary muscles and therefore less emphasis is put on the muscle that you are trying to target witch not the point of this tricep superset workout.

Tricep Superset Exercise 1: Overhead Lying Tricep Extension & Close Grip Presses

4 Sets & 10 Reps per Exercise

70 second break between sets

Tricep Superset Exercise 2: Cable Tricep Pulldown & Reverse Tricep French Press

4 Sets & 10 Reps per Exercise

70 second break between sets

Tricep Superset Exercise 3: Tricep Kick Backs

4 Sets of “Moving Down the Rack”

70 second break between sets

Moving Down the Rack: Choose a weight that you can do 10 reps with. Perform a tricep kick backs set to failure on each arm and then immediately grab another dumbbell with slightly less weight so you can do another few reps until you reach failure again. Continue to performtricep kick backs sets to failure until you reach the end of the dumbbell rack and there are no more weights to lift.

This is one of my favorite and best tricep superset workouts that I use on a regular basis to really get not only a good workout but an excellent pump

May 18

Best Substitute For Fitness Club Is Home Gym Workout

Home Gym allows you to have a good exercise routine where you will be able to achieve what you desire for your weight and body muscles. It is the best substitute for a regular gym visit which costs dollars, effort of going there and time to run after. You can always have your private workout anytime you are free at home. It is not necessary that you go to a fitness club just to tone up and shed pounds.

A ten to twenty minute program in a day can give you that assurance of shedding off those unwanted fats and calories that you eat everyday. You can start with a twice a week regimen and do your exercise for at least eight to fifteen repetitions for at least twenty minutes. Once you have become at ease with such routine, you can do a thrice a week schedule for at least twenty to thirty minutes. As soon as you feel you can you can do it on a daily basis then go for it.

Doing your private program may give you some achy backs and legs initially, but as you get used to this you will find it easy to perform and very relieving. In six to eight weeks you will fins yourself having a firmer form, tighter muscles and slimmer waistline. There is no need for you to skip meals or to deny yourself of some cravings as long as you do religiously your daily workout regimen.

It is important to mount a mirror in your home gym to enable you to see on your form. It is so exciting to watch your body firm up and slim down. If there are times you feel it is boring doing the same routine every day, you can turn on your radio

May 13

Best Health And Beauty Products For Young Professionals

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Buy best hair instyler online to provide attractive look to your hairs. Onlineshopping kart provides hair instyler for women by which

May 13

Cardio Cruiser Plus A Great Workout

A Body By Jake Workout

At my age, I look for exercises and workouts that expend the maximum amount of calories while giving me a great cardio workout. Also important is that the exercises have to be easy on the joints and give me the most calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser Plus looks to satisfy all of these requirements easily. There’s:

1. minimum impact to your joints and your body

2. as well as maximum calorie burning

3. best use overall result for the time spent

Cardio Cruiser and Burning Calories

I like the lack of soreness I feel after getting a good workout with the Cardo Cruiser. It’s designed like the expensive elliptical exercise machines you find at the gym, but it’s not nearly as expensive and takes up much less of your floor space. The Cardio Cruiser Plus machine is designed to cushion your joints against repeated jolts or trauma as they would receive while running, even on a treadmill.

Exercising from the recumbent position has a lot to do with protecting your body from injury while getting a great workout. The machine is thoughtfully designed and constructed so that all movements are smoothly uniform which also helps to minimize harmful impacts. To make the time go faster, put the Cardio Cruiser in front of the TV set while you’re working out. Time really flies when you’ve got the TV to distract you.

Three-in-One Exerciser

The Cardio Crusier Plus come from the Body By Jake exercise people, so you know it’s made by a reputable company. Probably the best thing about this piece of equipment is that with just one exercise you are working out 95% of your body. The reason the Cardio Cruiser can do this is that the design incorporates the principles of three exercise

May 12

Natural Skin Care Products Can Be So Much Better Than Department Store Stuff

I started taking care of my skin a lot better after I got diabetes. I noticed that my skin would dry out and crack open at my fingers and on my heels. I started with just using regular retail lotions, and then I progressed to where I was using natural skin care products for the best effect for my skin. You do have to look at the ingredients as well as where those ingredients are sourced. Plus, it is a good idea to ask about manufacturing processes. I found that the regular retail department store lotions and soaps did not do much to help my skin. Some of the stuff actually burned when I used it. Read the rest of this entry »

May 12

Muscles In Your Legs To Consider With Your Body Building Workout

When putting together a body building workout, it is vital you workout your legs and upper body. There are three main muscles you want to focus on with your legs; your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. By working out these muscles, you will build strong and durable legs.

Luckily, many leg exercises will workout each of the three muscles. Squats are great for building strong and powerful legs. It involves you placing weight on a barbell and squatting down with the weight rested on your neck. It is important you perform this with good technique. Other exercises for your quadriceps include leg press, leg extensions, dumbbell lunges and dumbbell squats.

Moving along to your hamstrings, there are three great body building workouts you can do. The first is lying leg curls in which you lye face down on a leg curl machine and lift up. The other two exercises are stiff legged dead lifts and dumbbell stiff legged dead lifts.

The last of the muscles to include with your body building workout is your calves. There are several exercises you can do to build up your calves giving you muscle for leaping abilities. The most common exercises include standing calf raises, seated calf raises, leg press calf extensions, and standing one legged calf raises. All calf raises consist of you simply standing on your toes and raising yourself using your calf muscles.

Putting together a quality body building workout for your legs is essential. You want to have strong, powerful legs to support your upper-body. Unfortunately, far too many bodybuilders focus solely on their upper-body.

Take these exercises and apply them to your workout regimen to build strong legs. You can work your quadriceps into your bicep, tricep and shoulder workout day and place your calves and hamstrings with your

May 12

The Health Hazards Of A Wet Carpet

Water damage due to flooding and other natural calamities does not only affect ones home and belongings, but also posts danger to the health of the people in the home. There are several ways to make sure that the home is free from any microorganisms that are considered dangerous to the health.

The danger is also not limited to the kind of water that flooded the house; it is also evident in the amount of water that accumulated in hard-to-reach areas like corners, underneath carpets, and immovable appliances. For places like Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi where floods are evident, it is important to take into consideration the possible consequences of accumulated floodwater.

Carpets in particular can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Aside from that, it can also be the home for mold and mildew that can cause allergies, skin rashes, and asthma. Ingestion of mold can also cause an upset stomach and some allergic reactions. Although there are no recorded long-term effects, exposure to molds and other forms of waterborne bacteria like amoeba is still dangerous.

It is therefore important to make sure that the home is protected from these kinds of threats. It is best to attend to wet carpets immediately since it only takes a few hours before molds start to grow.

The most common thing to do with a wet carpet is to replace the pad underneath.

If the family cannot afford carpet cleaning or replacement, there are other options like drying off the carpet through fans or air conditioning. If the carpet is easy to dry and is not attached to the floor, it is best to take it out and dry it under the sun.

May 12

New Innovation In Joint Health Care

Bone and joint issues dominate the health market today as the burden of osteoarthritis grows with the aging population. Over 20 million Americans suffer from it, and its been reported by the CDC as the 2nd highest cause of work disabilities in men over 50.

Glucosamine and chondroitin dominate the market in terms of research and consumer awareness, but another ingredient is making strides with its reported pain and inflammation relief. Natural Eggshell Membrane (NEM) is a natural source of the key joint health ingredients glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, and amino acids. NEM is manufactured in Americas heartland through sustainable productionin in USDA inspected facilities under strict regulations.

The NutraSense Company, a midwest supplier of American made supplements, carries JointSensevegetarian capsules made exclusively with NEM. While NutraSense champions the use of Glucosamine, and carries the highest quality vegetarian glucosamine produced by Cargill Inc., we also recognize that this may not work well for everybody. NutraSense is proud to offer customers a hand chosen variety of joint healthcare products including the JointSense with NEM in 30 capsule bottles (one month supply).

The manufacture of Natural Eggshell Membrane, ESM Technologies, recently received the Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American Dietary Supplements for Joint Health New Product Innovation of the Year Awardfor NEM. This award is based on innovative element of product, leveraging leading-edge technologies, value-added features and benefits, increased customer return on investment (ROI), as well as customer acquisition and penetration potential. NEM has a competitive advantage over other joint health products due to its small dosage and quick effectiveness.

The NEM product developed by ESM Technologies not only meets the patients requirement for a safe, natural and effective product but also meets the industrys requirement of sustainable production, said Lalithambigai Ananthan, research analyst for Frost & Sullivan. The New Product Innovation Award is a

May 11

Cardio Workout.

Everyone has wondered at some point in time which cardio exercise is much better. To put it in simple conditions, both low and high intensity physical exercises will help you to burn off fats. The question here is which is the very best to burn off more body body fat.

When scientists first discovered qvnpln2-d this during intensive exercises, your body can burn glycogen, which is a form of stored carbohydrates that happen to be stored in your liver and muscular tissues for energy. During low intensity physical exercises, your body will burn a many fat.

If your wondering whether and also not it works, the answer is no because you will discover so many obese people still around. Even though they are working released with low intensity routines, it even now makes you wonder how it could be.

The scientists were right when these people said the human body burns more excess fat during low intensity exercises like running or swimming. During a high intensity exercise like running, the body will burn additional calories. Even if some of the particular calories burnt are from glycogen, you will discover still many fat calories burned at the same time.

To put the icing on this cake, when your store of glycogen receives low, the carbohydrates from your food you eat will later get converted into glycogen to fill up the store and won’t be converted to body fat when they’re left unused for energy.

High depth cardio exercise will juice up your current metabolism even after you have concluded your workout. What this means, is that your body will continue to burn body fat hours once you’ve left the gym. This effect will be nearly non existent in low intensity cardio or aerobic workout.

Accumulatively, your body will burn up more and more calories during and once

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