Jul 26

Super Pump Is A Wonderful Pre-workout Supplement

When athletes are going through a pre-workout, Super Pump is the best. Those athletes who try this super food never go back to any other pre-workout supplement. This is probably because its effects are profound and most athletes do not want to go ahead with the thought of training without it. When the company conducted an independent pilot study, the results showed that it increases lean mass almost three times with a single workout and with only one dose of the supplement. Besides, body fat percentages dropped simultaneously as compared to no changes being recorded. There was a huge upsurge in muscle mass with almost a 25% increase in lean mass of the arms. Performance also increased and explosive energy with acute mental focus is the natural effect.

Super Pump is clinically tested by an independent lab and provides significant increases in lean mass and strength. It causes rapid and measurable full body pumps and stimulates vascularity. Additionally it triggers explosive energy and at the same time reduced body fat percentage. The effects of this supplement are noticeable over a long period of time with regular use. The supplement if taken on non-training days ensures maximal benefits, but for those who are concerned with expenses may take it only on training days. Greater results can be seen if taken regularly.

Both men and women can take Super Pump and both benefit. However, women are lucky because they will notice great results with a lower dose, amounting to only one scoop. Whether they are engaged in kickboxing, aerobics or weight training, or even a spin class, women can increase their performance and take it to the next level. This supplement is not limited to only body building. In fact, it is beneficial to all kinds of sports that require great focus, energy, lean mass and enormous strength. If taken about half an hour before training, it will prove to be most beneficial and produce effective results.

The dosage would be 1 to 3 scoops of Super Pump added to 4 to 6 oz of water per scoop and drinking it about 30 to 45 minutes before training. Soon the athlete will feel the raw power of this sports nutrition and be ready for training. When they are not training, 1 or 2 scoops in the morning would be wonderful to keep up the good work and not lose out by skipping the drink. It is available in many flavors lemon burst, tropical punch, raspberry lemonade, grape cooler, refreshing orange or blue raspberry ice.

Creatine is another food supplement that is used by sports persons to build muscle mass and base strength. It improves strength and along with special exercises that involve the whole body, it is possible to increase performance levels. Full body workouts are generally the best exercise after taking creatine.


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