Jun 29

Tower 200 Workouts – Perfect Blend Of Well Selected Routines

One of the most popular workout routines right now is the Tower 200 workouts. It is an ingenious combination of resistance as well conditioning. The workouts can effectively apply a vast array of training routines. Using the bands of varying tension with a whopping 200 lbs of resistance, the owner of this system can turn this rather simple device into a whole gym. This means that virtually any exercise on any specific part of the body can be done. Here is a quick round up of the exercises for the system:

The Tower 200 workouts feature exercises that are targeted for a certain muscle group. These muscle groups are the abs, arms and back, chest and shoulders as well as legs

The routine also include compound exercises that can be used to increase balance, create a more dynamic routine and target multiple muscle groups as well as intensify the difficulty of the program

These select 200 workouts from the routine are chosen to maximize the effectivity of the exercise equipment being used. Aside from these exercises, the program also includes an 11 minute video that contains high intensity workouts that was used by professional fighter Randy Couture. This high intensity workout is of a higher level compared to the others and so it would be best to stick first with the existing Tower 200 workouts before going ahead into the challenging ones.
Depending on the fitness level of the individual, the Tower 200 will take various time frames to give significant results. As this can be remarked as home gym equipment, the device will only provide the essential tools to give the user the significant change they want. It will vary depending on the dedication and eating habits as well as discipline of the individual to handle the task at hand.
What the Tower 200 workouts promise are practical and will fit to the needs of individuals who do not like to go to the gym but want to be fit and healthier. The workouts are highly reliable but again, it is up to the doer to make it all happen. If you are interested in trying out the Tower 200, it is a great start for a healthier and fitter body. This routine proves that there are no shortcuts to success and the other half of the deal is up to the person concerned. Be it for toning the body or making the body less sluggish looking, this routine is a perfect deal for everyone.


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